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28 января 2019 в 19:01

Написание статей на английском языке

* Titles:
* Forecast. For example: How to use an app so the weather will not ruin a vacation. How the wind direction change could affect on the weather. The windless places. How to detect wind gust.
* Active sport. For example: Surfing, Sailing, Fishing, Kitesurfing and etc. for beginners, the best spot for surfing in *region*, how to start surfing in *region*, what to buy for surfing, the best equipment and etc.
* Windy App features. For example: chat, favourite spot, how to use the forecast, the pros. of the pro version and etc.

* The plagiarism rate must be under 15%
* paragraphs and 2+ subtitles
* Key words:
Windy App, Wind, Weather, Forecast

Please find the examples here: https://windy.app/blog

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